There’s absolutely no way there’s any medicine the doctor can treat that! !

Chapter 1164 People who haven’t seen each other for years
"I heard that there is a place in the distance where goblins are extraordinarily beautiful … and I feel it is necessary to make a break …"
In my mind, I clearly recalled what Nick Moreton had said to himself when he left the team.
At that time, it was only a joke that Xiao Jun returned the other party.
Now I want to come
He had to admit.
I was a little naive.
The other party’s words
It’s true. it’s too low-key …
The other side where this is just a demon can satisfy appetite …
I’m afraid those brave tentacle monsters who are not enemies of magical girls may be killed by the other side …
And looking at the mummies all over the city, one by one, they all died with a strange expression of happy color. After Xiao Jun secretly stunned, something suddenly came back to my mind.
that is
What did those guys do when they were away from Nick Moreton at the same time?
"I’ve heard that there are a lot of natural resources and treasures in [Buzhoushan], and I want to go there and find those rare opportunities."
"I heard that [Hung-chun] is still a collection of fame and hidden BOSS, and even his disciples have been confiscated! I feel that my talent may be suitable for an interview in 11 thousand? "
"According to my analysis, I think [Tianbao-Killing God Gun] should be the main property for the time being. I want to find a chance and maybe I can take off in place."
Think of all kinds of nonsense that those guys said when they left the team
In the dark
Xiao Jun somehow had a hunch.
Maybe those guys also made a lot of wonderful things, moth …
Of course, they may have died long ago …
After all, in those days, Nick Moreton was far from being a humble word among those guys.
Not the most extreme guy.
I just like playing with women.
But now even that guy is so sick …
He’s more extreme. The guy’s illness will be so serious that it’s hard to imagine …
According to the custom of metaphysics, which is like a big mental hospital breaking a game, the crazier the mental state is, the stronger the strength is.
If those guys want to live, their strength is bound to be weak.
It’s not unusual for a few vicious girls to emerge …
After roughly sorting out the train of thought
As far as Xiao Jun wants to make others wary through ranged spells.
After all, he doesn’t know if there is a strange guy like Nick Moreton lurking here.
If one doesn’t pay attention
His team is likely to lose staff.
But without waiting for him to act.
In that city, Fang has been waiting for his offensive, but he didn’t feel any movement at all. Instead, the guys took the lead in a bit of impatience …
After seeing a strange glow
A group of figures suddenly appeared beside Xiao Jun and surrounded him.
Also immediately appeared in the mouth of one of them, a middle-aged white man with a strong figure.
"Xiao Jun surrender!"
"You are the enemy of the whole world! !”
"And you and your teammates are now surrounded by us! !”
The words just fell.
First, everyone is also ready to play cards before they are launched.
At first glance, a special circle of law condensed in the sky.
Will Xiao Jun themselves are isolated from some different department.
"Although your hard power should be stronger than any one we like, now we have 155 high-level players who are receiving array blessing!"
"If you surrender now, we may try to give you leniency …"
And opposite him
Have no intention of what the other party said
Also have no intention of this so-called law.
Xiao Jun roughly glanced at the crowd surrounded by himself.
The fact that these [players] are not members of the United States of America can be seen from the fact that they are wearing identification faces respectively.
These guys come from
At least a dozen different countries!
Their presence here at this moment is naturally thought-provoking.
Roughly equivalent, so more than a dozen countries directly expressed their hostility to Xiao Jun
Trying to stop his eyes from trying to chop off a leg of the old class
So as to avoid all kinds of chain reactions after the fall of the United States of America.