"No, it’s a deal, Pope’s Pavilion," said Lola.

"This is disrespectful to the gods," the Pope said.
"Which have disrespect for the gods? This phalanx is neither from the family of the four righteous gods nor the body of the seven fiends. It came from a fallen unknown god hundreds of millions of years ago. "
Lola smiled. "I believe it doesn’t offend the seven gods. I intend to give it to you."
Finger bones of gods
Finger bones of unknown gods
It is known that the seven different ways of becoming a god must contain the mystery of becoming a god that has never been seen before.
The Pope stared at the box throat and rolled it.
He took out a white handkerchief and wiped off his cold sweat.
-Do you want to kill each other now?
He looked across at the little girl.
The little girl smiled.
Full of green branches and leaves came out from behind her and held her gently.
Thorn holy tree!
Damn it, this is like a god
It protects her!
The Pope died at once.
He tried to suppress his emotions and whispered, "Lola, what do you want?"
"Tell me the secret knowledge, the temple donation remains unchanged, and the things in this box are for you personally."
"Or you can’t tell me the secret, but I’m sure someone always knows."
Lola also lowered her voice. "Even if you don’t talk about others, you will always tell me the secret when you get this phalanx. What do you think?"
The Pope was silent for a minute.
He suddenly smiled.
The Pope shook his head and said with emotion, "Lola Hall welcomes you as the official bishop of the Temple of Knowledge."
"Ge Shengshu, please tell the secret first, be careful not to tell lies, and then you can take this box."
"… positions you listen to me again"
"At that time, it was the most powerful age of the gods, and the last three coins were jointly cast by 33 ancient gods. The gods did their best to accomplish this highest achievement, and the three coins created a power beyond all gods."
"Three coins each hold a part of power, and you must collect them all and be inspired by the three special ones they represent in order to achieve that."
"Can that really be achieved?" Lola clenched her fist and became short of breath.